A Green Mountain Grown Rock Power Trio

R.R. Guitars & Other Stringed Things

Heather Lynne Bass

Blake Gowan Drums

Rick sits in with Twiddle for Encore! Relix Magazine Live Stream for whole Show

Watch Encore Right Here 👆🏽
Courtesy GreenMtsRider

Watch Encore Right Here 👆🏽 Courtesy GreenMtsRider


Check Out The Band's Music Cafe 

The Wild Fern
Located in Stockbridge, Vermont Route 100 North, near the Junction of Route 107/100

Every Thursday evening at 7pm Rick holds a Solo musical residency while Heather works the kitchen magic and Blake supervises and councils. 
👉🏼Every Saturday evening the whole band rocks out while our manager Arthur Costello makes da Pizza. However, they are on Spring Break for the month of April, except for Fern 20 Fes April 20h. 
The Wild Fern features goods and foods and music by local farms and friends and musicians from everywhere. 
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Mr.Bagley Music Video

Fall/Winter ☀️ 2019