Welcome to Rick Redington And The Luv Experience 

Procured in the Mountains of Vermont,

Drive a
1970 Flxible Bus , 

Play Original Rick Redington Tunes.


RR & The Luv on The Road

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Winter 2016

Winter Residency at Moguls Killington, Vt, 9pm! Every Saturday this winter, Thankful Rock N Roll. 

Friday February 12: Rhapsody in Red 2016 The Wild Fern! Tickets $40 person! Check out the Facebook Events for the wild Fern for more info! 
Call 802-746-9119 or email: spreadintheluv@gmail.com

Saturday February 20: opening for Jackie Green! Jay Peak! Vermont! 
Sundays: The Circus Ring Leader Solo, Mogul's! Killington Vermont 9pm! Local Dose of Looping Maddness.

Thursdays: The Wild Fern, RR Solo, 7pm, Stockbridge, VT Sunset serenades and Flea Circus Art

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The Wild Fern

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The Circus!
 The Ol'Girl is Home.